A New Type of Blood Test

The Metfora blood test expedites the diagnosis of chronic diseases. Our unique diagnostic tool combines three critical components.

We analyze metabolites, small molecules continually produced in our cells. They reflect the metabolic state and thus are indicative of cell health, providing a snapshot of what is really happening in the body even before overt symptoms are noticeable.

We use a targeted approach. We monitor a panel of selected metabolites that are tightly linked to the disease pathology.

We employ AI to extract patterns from the metabolite data.  We call these patterns  “metabolic fingerprints”.


Benefits for the patient

Benefits for the patient:

The test is a minimally invasive blood draw.


Benefits for the physician

Benefits for the physician:

The test detects diseases early before they progress to advanced stages.

Benefits for the healthcare system

Benefits for the healthcare system:

The test is highly cost-effective

Metfora's Technology

Dr. Rafikov provides an overview of the technology.  (1 min)

The Company

A deeper dive into the company, its mission and
the product narrated by multiple members of the team.  (5 min)